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Enhance your smile

At Long Crendon Dental we use the latest technology and our expert skills to enhance smiles.

We can make a number of cosmetic changes to your teeth to improve your confidence and aesthetics of your smile.

Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire cosmetic dentistry
Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire teeth straightening

Teeth straightening

We are able to do some tooth straightening at the practice using transparent splints to align teeth.

We also refer to specialist colleagues locally who are able to provide a wide range of careful orthodontic treatments.

Tooth whitening

Whitening is a straightforward way to improve the look of your teeth. We recommend home whitening. At the practice we create custom made trays that fit well and easily around your teeth so that the whitening can be carried out straightforwardly at home.

Before whitening and the prescription of the bleaching gel, we assess your suitability and discuss the possible results of the treatment. We record the shade (colour) of your teeth before we start and give you an idea of the colour that might be achieved.

We demonstrate the use of the gel and make sure that you are happy with the procedure before you leave the practice.

A review appointment is made to check your progress.

It is important to say that fillings and crowns do not change colour and may need to be replaced.

Also it is vital that you beach your teeth safely. This is the reason for recommending tooth whitening prescribed by a dentist with ensures that the product you use is safe.


At Long Crendon Dental we are able to provide a comprehensive range of treatments.


We work closely with specialist colleagues to enable us to give the best care to all our patients. We are keen to discuss options, concerns and possible treatments to be able to work out a personalised treatment plan that provides you with the best care possible.


A veneer is a wafer thin layer of ceramic that covers the front of your tooth to improve its colour, shape and appearance.

Composite bonding

This is a wonderful way to treat cracked and chipped teeth. It also lets us close some gaps and reshape teeth.

Colour matched composite is used to mould and reshape your teeth. This is a great treatment that doesn’t need to remove any tooth material. It can often be completed in one visit.

Dental crowns

Crowns are a great way to restore teeth that are broken or weakened by decay, a big filling or trauma.

Our dentist prepares your tooth and then a ceramic crown is fitted (made by one of our very capable dental technicians). You will have a temporary acrylic crown between preparing the tooth and filling the ceramic crown. We are able to choose from a very wide range of shades and can colour the crown to match your surrounding teeth.


Start smiling today

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