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Fee Guide

Our fee guide is updated periodically. Please see below our most current fees.

  • Examination
    Exam (Therapist) £43 Exam (Dentist) £62 Exam (New Patient) £94
  • Investigation
    Small X-ray £20 3D Dental Scan £94
  • Therapist
    Scale and Polish £85 Periodontal Treatment (Non-surgical) £130+ Restoration £172+
  • Dentist
    Restoration £172+ Extraction £188+ Mouthguard £296+ Periodontal Treatment (Surgical) £468+ Root Canal Treatment £502+ Whitening £423+ Denture £949+ Crown £893+ Bridge £1,666+ Implant (Assessment, Planning, Implant & Crown) £3,900+ Tooth Straightening (treatment & retention) £4,200+

Fee Policy & Cancellation Charges

It is the aim of this practice that patients are always aware of any fees that they will have to pay before treatment starts, including the details of the treatment to be provided. Patients will also be aware of when their fees will be due.


To achieve this aim:

  • A treatment fee price list is displayed in Reception and on the practice website. It can also be requested via email.

  • Estimates are provided by Treatment Plan form for each patient before treatment starts. These are sent via email the next working day.

  • Treatment plan quotes are valid for three months only.

  • A new estimate is provided if there is a change in a treatment plan and the patient will be shown this before the changed treatment commences.


Short Notice Cancellation Charges 

There will be a charge incurred for short notice cancellations for all appointments.

Short Notice: This is classed as within 2 working days. (E.g to avoid a cancellation charge, a Monday appointment needs cancelling on the previous Wednesday)

When an appointment is cancelled at short notice, this will be followed up by an email explaining our Fee Policy and the next steps. 

A charge will be raised on the patients notes. The patient can then choose to call the practice and pay over the telephone or settle via BACS. The charge is based on the type of appointment cancelled.

Any queries relating to cancellation charges can be emailed to for the attention of the Lead Care Coordinator, Emma Dowthwaite. 

Fee Policy
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