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At Long Crendon Dental we are determined to use our knowledge, skills and expertise to provide the best care possible for all our patients.

As a family practice, general dentistry for everyone is very important to us. This includes check ups, fillings, root fillings and extractions.

Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire general dentistry
Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire dental examinations

Dental examinations

This is the most important part of the care we offer. Prevention is our highest priority. We are able to make sure that not only are your teeth and gums healthy but also, and very importantly, the rest of your mouth, your throat and your neck.

Dental hygiene

Visits to the hygienist are a very important way to maintain your teeth and gums and prevent bad breath.

Our hygienist will remove calculus (tartar) and most importantly give patients the tools and techniques to improve their oral health at home.  This is the best way to prevent dental disease.

Our hygienist can also improve the appearance of your teeth by using polishing and airflow to remove stains.

Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire dental hygiene
Long Crendon Dental Buckinghamshire children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

Long Crendon Dental is a family practice so looking after children is very important to us. Regular visits and prevention help to keep children’s teeth as healthy as possible.


We are aware that many people prefer tooth coloured fillings. We use a composite resin material that can match the colour of your teeth.


Metal fillings are still used in some circumstances. The material that we use is discussed carefully and a decision about which is the most beneficial made before the treatment is agreed.

Root Canal Treatment

Root fillings are  very important treatments that allow teeth to be saved rather than extracted.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of dead or damaged tissue from the root canal that has become inflamed or infected as a result of disease or trauma. The space left is thoroughly cleaned and sealed to keep the tooth functioning.

Most root filled teeth will need to be crowned once they have healed.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are a great way to restore teeth that are broken or weakened by decay, a big filling or trauma.

Our dentist prepares your tooth and then a ceramic crown is fitted (made by one of our very capable dental technicians). You will have a temporary acrylic crown between preparing the tooth and filling the ceramic crown. We are able to choose from a very wide range of shades and can colour the crown to match your surrounding teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

If wisdom teeth are impacted and become repeatedly infected, painful and swollen they may need to be removed.


Many of these are treated at the practice and some are referred to specialist colleagues if this is felt to be the best way to care for you.


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